Breaking News – City of San Ramon Kills HOV Lanes at Norris Canyon Rd.

san-ramonThe Contra Costa Times reports that the San Ramon City Council just voted unanimously to cancel the controversial proposal for new HOV on ramps at Norris canyon Road.

Their action elicited cheers and applause from residents who for years had battled these plans.

Council members moved to ask the Contra Costa Transportation Authority to instead support improvements to the busy I-680/Bollinger Canyon Road interchange a short distance to the south to better serve commute traffic to and from the Bishop Ranch business park and council members and residents alike were emphatic that the Norris Canyon HOV-lane ramps project be killed and never resurface on any future regional transportation plan or meeting agenda.

This is great news for residents who live close to 680 and particularly for those near to Norris Canyon Road, such as in the Twin Creeks neighborhood where it was feared that building these ramps would have a detrimental effect on home values.

Instead, it now appears that the Council will focus on addressing any potential traffic problems relating to the new City Center development, which is likely to have an extremely beneficial effect on San Ramon real estate values.

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