2017 to 2018 East Bay Home Sales Compared

East Bay Real Estate Update July 2019

How does the East Bay real estate market look compared with a year ago? Can we get an idea about the direction it is moving in? Is now a good time to sell? A comparison of the first 6 months of 2019 with 2018 should provide some useful insights.

Despite some suggestions that the market was slowing down in the third quarter of 2018, the figures don’t bear that out. In reality, we were probably just experiencing some seasonal changes. As can be seen from the figures above, in most cases, numbers of sales are fairly consistent, and homes are selling as fast this year as they were last year. Overall, the same can be said for sale prices as well.

What we still have here is a strong sellers market. I do see more price reductions taking place right now than has previously been the case, but this appears to be more of a function of ambitious pricing than anything else. Well presented homes that are appropriately priced are selling quickly in all areas.

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