Guaranteed Results

When a home seller retains a real estate agent to list their home for sale, it is typical practice for the real estate brokerage to require the seller to sign a 6 month listing agreement. But what if the listing agent doesn’t deliver what he or she promised? The seller is stuck in a deal they can’t get out of.

That has never seemed very fair to me!

Yes, when I list your home for sale, I will write up a 6 month listing agreement for you to sign. But here’s the difference. Look at the screenshot below. This is written into every listing agreement I produce. Additional Terms It says “Seller may cancel this agreement with 24 hours written notice at any time after property has been listed for sale on the MLS for 30 days or more without a sale having been agreed“.

I am proud to say that nobody has ever invoked that clause since I have been listing homes for sale.