What Is My East Bay Home Worth?

What Is My East Bay Home Worth Today?

Certainly a lot more than it was worth last year and almost certainly more than it has ever been worth. I can give you a couple of answers to the question “What is my East Bay Home worth?” so keep on reading and decide which one is right for you.

Ball Park Figure or Right On The Nose?

If you are just looking for a ball-park figure, I can let you have that with no hassle whatsoever. All I need is the address of your home and 9 times out of 10 I can provide an instant home valuation for you. There are some caveats though. If your home is a relatively modern one (say constructed the last 15-20 years) in an area where there is a reasonable turnover of homes, the valuation should be quite accurate as it will be based on recent sales of homes similar to yours. What it won’t take into consideration is any significant upgrades though. Still, if all you need is a ball-park figure, it is definitely worth a shot.

If your home is an older one or a very individual one, then please don’t expect a valuation that is anywhere near accurate. Unfortunately, there just isn’t any way that can be estimated, regardless of what you may read elsewhere.

Get A Much Better Idea Of Value

If you are thinking about selling or re-financing, you need to get a pretty close idea of what your home is worth in today’s market. So if you want the very best possible valuation, just contact Bernard Gibbons at (925) 997-1585 or send an email to bernard@bernardgibbons.com to arrange to preview your home. Rest assured, there is absolutely no cost or obligation and you won’t get any pressure to sell. That just isn’t my style.