San Ramon Golf Course

Homes To Be Built On San Ramon Golf Club?

San Ramon Golf Course

The new owners of San Ramon Golf Club are threatening to close the course if the city of San Ramon refuses to allow them to build homes there.

According to the East Bay Times, the owner of the San Ramon Golf Club said this week that the course will close, possibly by the end of January, if the city doesn’t agree to allow houses to be built on part of the course.

Not surprisingly, local residents are up in arms regarding what they consider to be blackmail and a meeting was held at the golf club on Thursday evening where over 250 people, mostly local homeowners, were in attendance.

They were assured by City Councilmen Scott Perkins and Dave Hudson that houses can’t be built without the city’s approval, and a zoning change from “golf course/agriculture” to “residential.” Four of five planning commissioners and four of five council members must sign off on such a change.

Ronald Richards, the attorney managing the course for the new owners said that if they don’t get the go ahead to build new homes there, the course would just sit there and be a closed course with a fence around it. Obviously, such a move would have a detrimental effect on home values in the area as the course would then become something of an eyesore.

Up to 220 Houses and Two Apartment Buildings

The course occupies 126 acres of land but the intent is to build rather more than just a few homes there. One map of prospective San Ramon golf course housing plans reportedly shows 220 houses and two apartment buildings on the south end of the course. Possibly that could also create something of an eyesore in the area, not to mention the increased traffic problems.

It remains to be seen what the end result will be but it seems likely that discussions will go on for a while.


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