How To Buy A Home Before Selling Your Present One

Do you want to avoid the stress associated with having to sell your present home before buying a new one?

Well now you can! Compass has just announced Compass Bridge Loan Services to provide purchasing power for home sellers looking to buy their next home before selling their existing one.

As part of the service, when you list your home for sale with Compass, you can also apply for no out of pocket costs for up to six months on any approved bridge loan. Compass is using its own funds to support the no out-of-pocket costs offering.

Until now it’s been far too difficult for homeowners to easily access the equity in their homes. By unlocking this capital, Compass is putting the power back in the hands of the homeowner.

Compass Bridge Loan Services is a straight-forward solution that bridges the financial gap between the home you own and the home you want to buy. With Compass Bridge Loan Services, you gain access to faster processing and dedicated support from industry-leading lenders such as and Freedom Mortgage. This gives you:

¨ The financial flexibility to make a down payment without having to sell your existing home.

¨ The ability to quickly take action when you find the home you want to buy.

¨ The security in knowing where you are going to live before leaving your current home.

¨ The ability to sell your old home  after moving into your new home.

Compass Bridge Loan Services adds to the company’s growing roster of offerings, a suite of services that streamlines the home selling and buying experience. Due to the company’s national scale, Compass is uniquely positioned to deliver such programs, including Compass Concierge, an offering that facilitates pre-sale home improvement services like staging, painting and more. For Compass clients using Concierge, the cost of these services is recouped at closing, with no hidden fees or interest charged.

Used together, Compass Bridge Loan Services and Concierge allow you to:

¨ Access bridge loan services and flexible payment options to secure your new home,

¨ Make improvements to your existing home, to help sell the home faster and for more money without paying out of pocket.

Once your existing home sells, the proceeds can be used to repay any outstanding balance for these services.

For more information on Compass Bridge Loans or Compass Concierge, contact Bernard Gibbons to arrange a meeting. Email or phone (925) 997-1585 for a fast response.

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