New Case-Schiller Report (Bay Area)

Case-Shiller December 2018 Chart 1

Since it reflects a 3-month rolling figure, and October sales generally reflect September’s accepted offer activity, the latest Index reflects market dynamics 3 to 5 months ago (or roughly mid-summer to early autumn). The Index is broken into 3 price tiers: Over that period, according to Case-Shiller, the high price tier has plateaued – it has basically been flat since early 2018 – and the low and mid-price tiers have begun a modest declines, after seeing significantly higher appreciation rates since spring 2016. Too much should never be made from a few months of data, of course.

The Case-Shiller Home Price Index for October was just released and the above is a newly updated chart.

The second chart (below) reflects overall changes to the high-price tier since 1984, plotting approximate home price increases and declines between low and high points of recent cycles. (It does not show all the fluctuations between those points.). It does demonstrate that real estate is a great long-term investment though.

Case-Shiller December 2018 Chart 2

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