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Professional Home Staging – Necessary Or Not?

Staged HomeNot too long ago only the highest priced homes in any market would be professionally staged for sale yet today it seems that staging is the de facto standard for all homes except fixers. Is staging your San Ramon Valley home really necessary in today’s hot home sellers’ market?

The answer to that question, as so often, is “It depends.” What are your main objectives when it comes to selling your home ?

But first of all let’s consider what “staging” means. The concept is that a home that is presented in a certain way will make potential buyers feel comfortable there. And they are more likely to want to make an offer if they feel comfortable.

This can be achieved in various ways. If you have nice furnishings and décor items already, it may be that just general de-cluttering and a certain amount of de-personalizing your home (packing away family photos etc.) may be sufficient. These should be the first actions in any staging exercise in any case and will provide the least amount of disruption in your everyday routine.

The next level is to bring in a staging professional who will advise on what needs to go. He or she will then take an objective look at your home and see how your existing furniture etc. can be re-positioned as needed to achieve the most appeal. This would then be supplemented by additional décor items as needed. A stager will also address the outside areas of the home – flowerbeds, patio areas, decks etc. Some stagers will recommend cost-effective improvements such as paint or carpeting. Both are inexpensive compared with the potential return.

The third option is to have a complete makeover carried out. This is typically reserved for vacant homes, where the stager may be presented with bare rooms. Furniture is rented as needed and the home is accessorized with paintings, lighting and whatever is necessary to achieve that “Wow!” effect.

In most cases, I can state with confidence that a staged home will sell for a higher price than one that is not staged. But there are cases where staging is just not practical or where getting the best price is not as important as getting a quick sale. After all, it does take some time to prepare a home for sale, especially if paint and carpet comes into the picture.

And although it may not always be possible, I always offer to have any home I list for sale professionally staged at my own expense. Staged homes really do sell faster and for much higher prices.


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