Real Restaurants of The East Bay – Part 2

Piatti Ristorante

In Part 1 of this series, I bemoaned the lack of real restaurants – places where you can  enjoy a relaxing, even entertaining, sit-down meal, that will take more than 30 minutes or so.

My intention, therefore, is to investigate what, if any, restaurants still exist that could meet this criteria. Or perhaps at least come close.

Last month, my focus was on Alamo, where I at least found some contenders. This month, I turn my attention to Danville, where there appears to be dozens of eating places, but how many Real Restaurants can I find that meet my requirements?

Established Restaurants of Danville

It seems like new restaurants open in Danville every month, but for this month’s article, let’s look at some established ones.

Faz Danville

Faz has been a Danville fixture as long as I can remember and is a personal favorite. Mediterranean style food—some pasta dishes, pizza, rack of lamb, seafood and more. What sets Faz apart though is the outdoor deck, sheltered under towering redwoods and with an attractive waterfall feature. This is the first place we always take out of town visitors to dine.


With a completely different ambiance than Faz, Bridges has a similar appeal, with shaded outdoor dining, but a more modern vibe. Food here is California style with an Asian influence and unlike Faz, they open for lunch as well as for dinner. Certainly a real restaurant that I would recommend for most occasions.

Piatti Ristorante

Another restaurant with outdoor dining, although with a  smaller patio, Piatti feels like a typical Italian restaurant with pasta and pizza, plus a variety of other entrees. Despite the white tablecloths in the dining room, this is not a quiet, sedate restaurant though. Perhaps not the best place for a quiet, intimate meal but undoubtedly a real restaurant with a lively clientele.


It’s easy to think of Esin as a recent addition, yet it has been in Danville since 2008. Self-described as American-Mediterranean, I would say this is the most up-scale restaurant in the area and in addition to serving imaginative food, the ambiance is quite exceptional. A very good restaurant for a very special occasion.

Forbes Mill

If Esin is the most up-scale restaurant in Danville, Forbes Mill is a close second. Although it is a true steak house, the ambiance sets it apart from many others and the fact that they serve Kobe beef adds a certain level of appeal to many. Again, just the kind of place for an anniversary meal or similar.

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