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Does It Really Matter Who Lists Your Home For Sale?

For Sale SignI’ve recently come to realize that there are many home sellers who really believe that all real estate agents are the same. We all supposedly do exactly the same things to get homes sold so it really doesn’t matter who you choose to list your home for sale.

Sure, they accept that you probably shouldn’t list your home in San Ramon for sale with an agent from San Jose, but that’s about it.

All Agents Are Not The Same

The fact is, agents vary immensely in levels of service, competency and experience. Sure, we are all regulated by the California Bureau of Real Estate so we have to be licensed, but how a home is prepared and marketed for sale, together with how well your agent guides you in the completion of disclosures and dealing with the myriad of issues that can arise during the course of a real estate transaction can make a big difference not only in the price you achieve but in how smoothly the whole process works.

What Should You Expect In An Agent

A good agent will ideally want to be involved with you well before you are ready to list your home for sale. Advising on preparation is an essential factor in getting you the best price, both relating to correcting any deferred maintenance issues and recommending any cost-effective improvements. Well prepared homes can sell for tens of thousands more than those homes that are not.

A strong knowledge of your local market is also essential when figuring out the right price to list your home for sale. Out of area agents will not appreciate that similar homes to yours just a few streets away could be worth more or less  for a variety of reasons, and over-pricing your home is a recipe for disaster.

Then before any marketing is carried out, a good agent will arrange for your home to be professionally staged so it shows at its very best. Many studies have shown that staged homes sell faster and for higher prices. When I list homes for sale I arrange for all of them to be professionally staged at my own expense.

The Marketing Campaign

It can take weeks, sometimes months, to get to this stage and the marketing period should ideally last no more than a few weeks. An experienced “tech-savvy” agent will focus his or her marketing on Internet marketing (which is where agents with a tech background, like me, often have an advantage) but this should always be supported by more traditional methods – Open Houses, high quality brochures, direct mail and print advertising etc.

Now Can You See The Difference?

It is not difficult to sell a home in today’s market. All you need to do is have an agent who will stick a sign in the yard and list it on the MLS. What that won’t do, is get your home sold for the best price.  Hopefully you can now see that having the right agent to help and advise you throughout the process can make a huge difference in the real estate sale process.
Are YOU thinking of selling? If you would like an assessment of what your home could sell for, together with any cost-effective recommendations to maximize your return, call me on (925) 997-1585 any time or just send me an email to and I will do everything I can to help.


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