Restaurant Review – Blackhawk Grille

Blackhawk Grille is a local favorite with a varied menu, reasonable prices and consistently good food. And not only that, but particularly for those who enjoy dining al fresco it has arguably the best outdoor dining location in the area.

For many years, this was a somewhat upscale restaurant with typical items on the menu consisting of traditional steak and seafood dishes with prices to match. But tastes change, and a few years ago, they closed for a complete makeover and today, the Blackhawk Grille is a trendy tavern, or gastropub.

Sylvia and I have been coming here for many years and we dined there a few times in recent months, always having a table on the patio. And at the risk of being seen as predictable, we have usually both ordered the same entrée – fish and chips.

I honestly believe that Blackhawk Grille does the best fish and chips in the area. A generous filet of haddock in a light, crispy, beer batter served with a mountain of steak fries. All it needs is a splash of malt vinegar and a sprinkling of salt to finish it off. That’s for purists of course. In reality, they also provide a side of coleslaw, tartar sauce and ketchup but they are really not needed.
There is, of course, much more to the menu than fish and chips. I have enjoyed burgers and ribs there as well and they have a range of other seafood, steaks, and more. It’s just so difficult to get past the fish and chips!

I should also mention the beverages as in addition to having quite a few wines, by the glass and the bottle (including an excellent Frank Family Chardonnay), they have beer on tap and in bottles and always have a guest IPA on draft.

But there is another attraction here f you go at the right time of year. On Friday evenings in July and August, Blackhawk Plaza has free live music concerts, tiled “Rockin’ The Plaza”, and the musicians are generally outstanding. Recent acts included an Abba tribute band and an Elton John tribute band. The last time we visited it was a Billy Joel tribute band made up of some very talented musicians.

Concerts run from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. There are seats for those who get there early but it’s really standing room only unless you want to pay for reserved seating in the VIP enclosure, where drinks can be ordered and brought to your table. At $50 per person including a complimentary drink ticket, it usually sells out.

Yet another attraction for those so inclined is the shopping plaza itself. The Shops at Blackhawk is a well known destination for upscale boutiques and more.
So there are multiple reasons to pay a visit to Blackhawk Grille. Check out their menu and more at

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