Restaurant Review – Luna Loca, Danville


Mexican restaurants come and go with alarming regularity in our area yet Luna Loca has been a Danville landmark for well over 20 years. Time to find out what their secret is!

It had been a while since Sylvia and I visited Luna Loca  but with our son, Philip, coming into town from England for a visit, it seemed like a good place for an informal family reunion.

As this was on a Wednesday evening in September, one of the quieter nights in the restaurant business, finding a table in this usually very busy restaurant was easy and as we wanted to talk rather than watch TV, we chose the middle room. The bar area also has lots of tables but we thought the 12 big screen TVs could possibly be somewhat distracting (!).

I’m sure Luna Loca hasn’t changed in years. The menu seemed to be the same as always and so did the décor, with the exception of the bar area. I felt that this had had a face-lift since I was there last and I know there were no big screen TV’s there when I last visited.

So having settled in, ordered our drinks and snacked on tortilla chips (with two very spicy salsas), we were ready to order.

The menu is mostly that of a typical Mexican restaurant and we all chose different entrees that included a variety of enchiladas,  a beef chimichanga, steak picado (very spicy!) and a chile relleno.

Everything came with rice and beans and the potions were generous without being overwhelming. Certainly everybody came away well-satisfied both with the quantity and quality of the food.

From a personal stand-point, I found the chicken enchilada and chile relleno combination to be particularly tasty, smothered with cheese and their enchilada sauce.

We had a variety of drinks with the meal, margaritas, wine (they had a special offer on Frank Family chardonnay by the glass) and beer. My choice was Negra Modelo, a Mexican favorite.

I’m pretty sure that Luna Loca’s secret of success is  their consistent provision of good tasty food at reasonable prices with good service in a never-changing restaurant .

It’s easy to forget about place that you haven’t visited in a while, But I’m sure we will be back soon. Check them out on their website at


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