Santorini Restaurant, Danville, CA

Restaurant Review – Santorini, Danville

If you are not familiar with Santorini, it is perhaps not too surprising. Although it has been in Danville for around 5 years, this Mediterranean restaurant’s location at the back of Town & Country shopping center is decidedly low profile.

On a recent visit, fairly early on a mid-week evening, there were only a handful of tables occupied. And this is quite a large restaurant. I would guess at least 80 covers inside plus a bar with additional seating. There is also an outside patio, although this was somewhat superfluous during a very wet March evening.

On previous visits, Santorini has seemed much busier but perhaps the wet weather could have had some effect on attendance.

Inside, the ambiance is certainly Mediterranean, with colorful décor and featuring a large mural of the Greek island of Santorini. It seemed a little less cheerful than on previous visits though. Whether it was just the lighting or that the décor could stand a face-lift, I’m not sure.

Once seated, a quick glance at the menu showed that the  menu has changed little, if at all, over the past few years. There are plenty of choices including numerous Greek and other Mediterranean dishes, stews, pasta and pizzas. There is also a variety of appetizers although Sylvia and I went straight to the main course.

A nice touch though, is that having ordered, a plate of warm home-made pita bread is brought to the table with a tasty dip.

Sylvia ordered the rack of lamb for her main course. This was a really generous portion served with garlic mashed potatoes and vegetables and cooked perfectly. Too generous for Sylvia in fact, and about a third of it went home with us.

I had the grilled pork tenderloin with pomegranate sauce for my entrée. This was a new dish for me and I rarely eat pork in a restaurant. I have to say that it was outstanding. Succulent medallions of pork covered with a generous amount of sauce, this was served with the same accompaniments as Sylvia’s lamb.

From previous visits I would also recommend the Moussaka or any of the kebabs.

Everything tasted fresh and with good quality ingredients and the service is attentive, while not obtrusive. Prices are good too. Far less than most Danville restaurants and certainly less than you would expect to pay.

Neither of us ordered a dessert but we were brought a small (yummy) portion of baklava each with the check. Did I mention the good service here?

The only criticism, as previously mentioned, is that it did feel a little dreary, but as I said, that could be for a variety of reasons. Perhaps on a brighter (and drier!) warm, spring evening, the ambiance would be quite different. And certainly it would be nice to dine outside under the covered patio, while enjoying a really excellent meal.

Visit their website at where you can see their menus and more.


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