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Sideboard Neighborhood Kitchen And Coffee Bar, to give the full name, is a well known Danville favorite, but sharp eyes will note that the picture here is not of Sideboard in Danville, for they relatively recently opened another location in Lafayette.

It was on a recent Tuesday that Sylvia and I found ourselves in Lafayette around lunch time and this seemed like a great opportunity to check out Sideboard and see how it compared with the Danville location.

Speaking of location, other than finding a parking space, this one is hard to beat. Right across from the park and set in a recently renovated building in central Lafayette, they found spacious premises with lots of character.

Inside, the ambiance is that of perhaps an old-time hardware store or bank. Mis-matched furniture co-exists with old wood flooring and dim lighting only adds to the rather historic feel. And of course there is the trademark sideboard, where diners help themselves to cutlery, napkins and water.

But the most attractive draw to many is the outside dining patio which overlooks the park. This where we found our table. It’s worth noting that you have to order and pay at the bar, then your meal is delivered to the table. A concept that is very standard in England.

“But what about the food?” you ask. The menu is identical to the one in Danville Sideboard, right down to their famous fried Brussel Sprouts appetizer. Other appetizers include Grilled Asparagus and Bruschetta as well as the soup of the day.

Lunch and dinner menus are very similar and mains include many sandwiches and salads as well as a number of changing specials that may include Chicken Enchiladas, Tuna Melt or a Roast Pork Quesadilla. And there is always the popular Mac ‘n Cheese available with a variety of additions.

On our visit, Sylvia had Tortilla Soup which was really enough for two people. It was very apparent from seeing the various meals being delivered to tables that portions here are exceptionally generous.

I had the BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich. This was served on a soft artisan roll and came with house made potato chips that really did melt in your mouth. A very tasty sandwich and again, the quantity was amazing. There was enough port for two sandwiches!

As you can see from all the above observations, Sideboard is certainly worth a visit. You can check them out further on their website at

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