Restaurant Review – Silk Road, Walnut Creek

Middle Eastern cuisine seems to be getting more popular these days and although Silk Road bills itself as a Mediterranean restaurant, to me, it has much more of the vibe of a Middle Eastern restaurant. True, they serve Italian and Greek dishes, but I can get decent spaghetti and pizza in many restaurants. These are not the entrees I am likely to order when I visit Silk Road.

Nestled between a bank and a mixture of small businesses, Silk Road has been in Walnut Creek as long as I can remember. It was one of the first Walnut Creek restaurants to feature patio dining and it does it very well. The dining patio, which is right on North Main Street, is where most diners choose to sit, and it is open year-round. The weather is handled with sun-shades that are rolled down early on sunny evenings, while heavy sheets of see-through plastic shield the rain and wind when needed.

As well as the patio, there is a sizeable indoor dining space, but I have rarely seen that area well-occupied. So reminiscent of many such places in the Mediterranean, in fact, where the dining rooms are empty, but the outdoor patios are full.

Service here has always been good, and as soon as we are seated, a plate of pita bread and hummus are brought to our table. The pita is hot (and I’m pretty sure, made on the premises), and the hummus is delicious.

So saving ourselves for a dessert, we pass on any appetizers and head to the entrée section on the menu.

As previously mentioned, this includes some pizzas and pasta dishes, but we pass over these.

Sylvia invariably orders Rack of Lamb. Silk Road cooks that a little more well done than many local restaurants, who deliver it closer to pink, and that is just how she likes it. And so do I! This is served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes (very tasty!) and vegetables, typically broccoli and carrots, that are also cooked through, rather than served half raw. A red-wine sauce completes the dish.

I think the rack of lamb is their best dish, but there are others that come pretty close. I’ve had all of the kebabs they offer, and I particularly liked the Koubideh Kebab, which is made with ground beef and various spices. I also like the Pomegranate Chicken (roast chicken in a pomegranate sauce), and the Lamb Shank, which is a very generous portion, as well as being very tasty.

On this occasion, though, I had a very tender Smoked, Roast Tenderloin of Pork, which was accompanied by mashed potatoes and vegetables, and served with a delicious pomegranate sauce.

We frequently don’t even consider desserts in restaurants, as so often, they are either bland, boring or just bought in from outside. Silk Road’s dessert offerings are very limited but well worth considering. The choice is either Baklava or Tiramisu. Not much to consider there fro me. Baklava every time. This is very popular all over the Mediterranean and understandably so.

Silk Road is casual Mediterranean dining that is probably as good as you will find in our area. Take a look at their website at

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