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Restaurant Review – The Peasant & The Pear, Danville

Peasant & The PearThe Peasant & The Pear is one of Danville’s best known fine dining restaurants. Sylvia and I have eaten here many times and the décor has changed a little over the years but the ambiance remains the same, as well it should.

Rodney Worth’s flagship restaurant, it is situated at the back of the Clocktower parking lot and also has an entrance down a path from Hartz Avenue, it is easy to miss, but once inside it is apparent that this is no “hole in the wall” place. There are many tables in multiple dining areas including a small outdoor patio as well as a small and attractive bar area that is generally very popular with regular patrons. The ambiance is traditional with an upscale feel to it and the décor is very tasteful with many mirrors on the walls.

Sylvia and I dined there on an unseasonably mild, early mid-week evening in June, and were seated in a table near the entrance from the Clocktower parking lot. This gave us a full view of the restaurant that already had quite a number of occupied tables.

Neither of us wanted an appetizer and while we waited for our entrees, we enjoyed a glass of Sonoma-Cutrer Chardonnay each, a wine I would strongly recommend to Chardonnay drinkers.
Then for our main course, Sylvia had one of the Peasant & Pear’s perennial favorites, Steak Frites – a 10oz New York Steak served with a roasted head of garlic and frites, accompanied by a Bordelaise sauce. This looked like more than 10oz to me and was very flavorful although perhaps not as tender as it might have been (although I have noted that in many restaurants recently. Really tender steaks are hard to find).

My main course was Prawns El Diablo, a dish I had not previously tasted, and our server warned me that it was extremely spicy. And really spicy it was! Probably too spicy for a lot of people but I found it extremely tasty. Wild Mexican prawns, spicy Calabrian chiles, mashed potatoes and sautéed spinach. I’m sure I will order this again.

We followed all this with a shared potion of Lemon Cheesecake, another reliable Peasant & Pear staple.

So once again, a pleasant dining experience at the Peasant & The Pear. You can find them at 267 Hartz Avenue in Danville and on the web at

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