The Peasant's Courtyard

Restaurant Review – The Peasant’s Courtyard

The Peasant's Courtyard

Spring is in the air and with the warmer sunnier days ahead, our thoughts turn to al fresco dining. The Peasant’s Courtyard immediately comes to mind as one of the most appealing dining patios in the area.
This was local celebrity chef, Rodney Worth’s third restaurant, not long after he opened Danville’s Peasant and The Pear but while the latter is more upscale, the Peasant’s Courtyard leans more towards casual dining.

Sylvia and I recently visited for an early lunch on a sunny May weekday and even at 11.30, many tables inside and outside were already occupied. And the outside capacity has increased significantly since the redwood pictured in the photo above is no longer there. That wasn’t from choice, incidentally, it unfortunately had to be removed for safety reasons.

I imagine that this is one of Rodney’s most successful ventures. They open for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day and they always appear to be doing a good trade. The menu is quite extensive given its size and while lunch dishes focus on soups, salads and sandwiches (including burgers), the dinner menu has an expanded selection and the breakfast menu seems vast!

On this occasion, Sylvia had the aptly named Rodzilla Burger with fries, while I settled for a pulled pork sandwich, which I ordered with fried onion rings.

I know Rodney is fanatical about quality of ingredients in all of his restaurants and it really shows. I have had the Rodzilla Burger many times and I really think it is as good as a burger gets. A 1/2 lb Angus beef burger, perfectly cooked to order with cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, barbecue sauce and all the trimmings on an artisan bun. Very tasty!

Also very tasty was my pulled pork sandwich – packed with falling apart slow cooked pork, smothered in a tangy barbecue sauce and coleslaw and served on the same kind of bun as the burger. Plus the crispy deep-fried onion rings in batter just about finished it off.

The portions here are very generous and the chances of us having an appetizer or dessert at lunchtime were non-existent. And while they do have a good range of beer and wine at reasonable prices we settled for water.

I should note that the inside dining room is also very pleasant, with the ambiance of a little bistro but it’s the patio that really sets it apart if, like us, you really love the ability to dine outside when the California climate encourages it.

The Peasant’s Courtyard is at 3195 Danville Boulevard in Alamo and their excellent website is at If you haven’t done so already, check it out. I’m sure you will find it to your liking.

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