Restaurants That Deliver The Goods

Restaurants That Deliver The Goods

Local Restaurants Delivering During Covid-19

Eating out is no longer an option until our lives get back to normal but in the meantime, we can still enjoy good quality, varied, professionally cooked meals from many of our East Bay restaurants.

It is perhaps inevitable that many such businesses will go out of business, as many operate with such slim margins, they just cannot survive. Please support at least some of the following restaurants, all of which, in my opinion, provide food that is worth eating.

Favorite Indian (San Ramon)

Who doesn’t love Indian food? It’s not as good a restaurant as Lafayette’s Swad, but it’s probably closer to where you want it delivered. If only for the Butter Chicken, Favorite Indian is worth a try, but you’ll also find all your usual Indian restaurants dishes here.

Kacha Thai (Walnut Creek)

Those of us who like Thai food should really appreciate the choice of dishes here. Personal favorites are Pra Ram Rong Song (as good as I have tasted), Red Chicken Curry and Pad Thai. Their duck dishes are pretty good too. I know it isn’t the nearest Thai restaurant but I think it’s the best for miles around.

Primavera (San Ramon)

It’s been around for a long time and I think it’s gotten better over time. Primavera specializes in pasta dishes and they have a wide choice. Veal Salimbocca or Chicken Pesto Gorgonzola are good choices here.

Santorini (Danville)

Mediterranean cooking is increasingly popular and is a cuisine that few will attempt at home. Their kebabs are all good and flavorful, and I would definitely recommend the Grilled Pork Tenderloin served with pomegranate sauce. I’ve also enjoyed the Rack of Lamb and Lamb Shank here.

Nation’s (San Ramon)

I’m not sure if Nation’s would be the first place that springs to mind when you think of burgers, but for my money, theirs are much better than any of the national fast food chains. Nation’s burgers are so much more tasty! And don’t forget to add a slice of pie to your order—say Apple or maybe a Custard Pie.

Peony Garden (Walnut Creek)

I guess everybody has their favorite Chinese restaurant and mine is certainly Peony Garden. As a restaurant, it always seemed to be busy and the food was always outstanding. The Mongolian Beef is particularly tasty for those who like spicy food. I also like the Lemon Chicken and the Singapore Noodles, plus unlike most Chinese restaurants in our area, they even have a wide range of Dim Sum available for take out or delivery.

Luna Loca (Danville)

Definitely not your trendy “Modern Mexican”, Luna Loca is more traditional Mexican comfort food style. It’s been there in the Livery as long as I can remember and they consistently turn out good, tasty Mexican dishes that we all know and love. This is the place for Quesadillas, Enchiladas, Fajitas, Tostadas, Chimichangas and more. Plus generous amounts of rice and refried beans on the side. Just add a Margerita or two, or maybe a Negra Modelo to complete your meal.

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