Danville CA Real Estate

Danville CA real estate spans many types of home and price points. This is a well-established family oriented community situated in East Contra Costa County towards the South end of the San Ramon Valley. Residents typically commute to San Francisco and San Jose (and beyond) as well as to many other cities in the East Bay such as Walnut Creek and Concord. The San Ramon Valley runs North-South from Martinez to San Ramon along highway 680 and the largest community here is Walnut Creek, which is situated by the junction with Highway 24, approximately mid-way down the valley.

Danville CA Real Estate

To put Danville real estate prices into perspective, homes here cost rather less than Diablo and Alamo, higher than those in Walnut Creek and certainly higher than the communities at the North and South ends of the valley.

The older part of Danville is on the West side, close to the picturesque downtown. Here can be found some of the most expensive single family homes for sale in Danville, many of them having been improved and remodeled to an exceptionally high standard. This area is highly sought after.

Moving to the East along Sycamore Valley Road, the homes were built more recently. The further East, the more recent the home construction. Toll Brothers Alamo Creek is a prime example.

The 1980s and 1990s saw a boom in Danville real estate with numerous developments, large and small being constructed, particularly out along Camino Tassajara.

Danville real estate prices are driven by a number of factors. Primarily though, the popularity of the area with families is explained by the high standard of schools at all levels. This really is a desirable place to live with low crime and a high level of social awareness. Overall, a great place to raise your family.

Danville Schools

Danville falls into the excellent San Ramon Valley Unified School District and every one of the schools here are considered to be top-notch.

Danville Leisure & Lifestyle

With the recently completed renovation of the Danville Hotel complex, downtown Danville appears to have more restaurants than anything else. Food choices abound. Here you can find anything from fast food places to gourmet pizzas, Indian, Thai and Chinese restaurants and high-end dining at restaurants like Esin, Incontro and The Peasant And The Pear. National chains are few and are even more notably absent when it comes to shopping. The stores here are mostly individually owned and there are many boutiques, antique and designer shops of various types and even a number of consignment shops. Danville really does have a quaint, attractive downtown areas which is one of the factors that drives real estate prices here.