San Ramon Police Body Cameras

San Ramon Police Officers To Have Revolutionary Body Cameras

San Ramon Police Body Cameras

As reported on NBC Bay Area today, Police officers in San Ramon are being equipped with a body-worn camera with a unique feature.

San Ramon is the first city in California to provide its officers with a body-worn video system with an outward-facing playback display that shows what is being recorded.

These cameras are already very popular with European law enforcement agencies but their use is not yet widespread here in America.

At the end of a shift, the police officers place their cameras in a smart dock, and the video is uploaded to a cloud-based server, where it will stay for a year – or indefinitely if the video is used as evidence.

Lt. Denton Carlson was quoted as saying that the department felt these type of cameras offer more transparency and as for those concerned about privacy, he said there is a legal standard for public places.

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