Selling Your Home In A Coronavirus World

At the time of writing, the restrictions placed on potential home buyers and sellers, and on the many professionals that are also  involved in any real estate transaction, are unprecedented. And although they make it more difficult than usual to buy or sell a home, homes are still being listed for sale, sales are being agreed and transactions are closing. It’s important to know what is allowed and what isn’t.

Are you planning on listing your home for sale? In normal times, you would probably be considering making some cosmetic changes before getting it on the market. Right now, you can’t do that unless you are doing it yourself. Painters, carpet companies, even remodeling contractors are not considered essential businesses. Neither are staging companies, although real estate photography is permitted.

Will your home be vacant or occupied when it goes on the market? Regardless, Open Houses are not permitted under any circumstances. Even personal showings can only take place in unoccupied homes, and people who view homes are required to sign a “Coronavirus Property Entry Advisory And Declaration”.

In the case of homes that are occupied, any offer made must be solely based on photos, virtual or video tours.

Home and termite inspections etc. are permissible and so, of course are appraisals, but again there are strict rules to be followed and forms that anybody entering the home must complete.

Homes Are Still Selling

Five sales were agreed in San Ramon in the past few days with list prices up to around $1.3 million. That really isn’t much different than in the weeks just before the “shelter in place” order. Of course we would normally be expecting a surge of activity at this time of year and that obviously is not the case.

These Times Will Not Last

Hopefully we will get back to a more normal real estate market before too long, but  If you really need to get your home on the market now, don’t despair. As I say, homes are still selling. But if you can put your plans on hold for a few weeks, now is the time to do all the preparation you can so you are ready to move fast as soon as homes are easy to show again.

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