Six Common Moving Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Moving can be stressful, messy and complicated; lack of adequate preparation can cause problems and unnecessary grief. Read over this list of the most common and expensive moving mistakes and the tips on how to avoid them!

  1. Underestimating

Some people underestimate everything including; the amount of packing materials they need, and the amount of time it will take to pack their belongings. Remember, it’s more important to overestimate than underestimate. Most retailers will allow you to return unused packing supplies (even boxes), so purchase more than you think you’ll need. Home Depot has a good supply of moving boxes at reasonable prices. Trust me, no one wants to run to the store the day before trying to find boxes.

  1. Moving Everything

Yes, moving everything you own is a common problem that can add unnecessary costs to your move. I recommend you get rid of the stuff you don’t need or use – sell it, donate it or give it to friends. These belongings include: clothes that don’t fit, toys that your children have outgrown and furniture that will not fit in your new home.

  1. Hiring A Shady Mover

A lot of people who are moving are swayed by price. But do not choose a moving company on price alone– because it could really cost you! Fixing moving disasters can be a time-consuming and expensive experience. At bare minimum, check the movers’ reviews, license and insurance to make sure real professionals are handling your belongings.

  1. Not Insuring Adequately

A move can quickly become expensive if it results in a broken television, or a box of antique dishes is dropped. When hiring a moving company, be sure to ask a lot of questions and make sure to get the coverage you need for your belongings. Many full-service movers come with “Valuation Protection” but it’s not the same as insurance. When you have Valuation Protection, the mover will only pay a certain amount per pound (most commonly $0.60/Ib) of any item that is damaged or lost regardless of the actual value. So if that expensive flat screen TV, that only weighs 25 Ibs, breaks during your move, you may only get $15 for it!

  1. Not Carrying Your Valuables

Small items like jewelry and tablets can become easily damaged and misplaced. The safest place to keep them is with you or somewhere safe in your vehicle.

  1. Not Packing A Survival Bag

It’s a big mistake to pack absolutely everything into the moving truck. Pack things you’ll need immediately– toiletries, basic tools, a flashlight, soap, toilet paper, medicine and dog food.

Moving can be stressful enough, there’s no reason to add to it! Avoiding these common moving mistakes will help you prevent costly expenses and unnecessary stress.


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