Solar Roof Tiles

Solar Power To Be Required In all New California Homes

Solar Roof Tiles

California recently became the first state to mandate solar power in all new construction built from 2020.

Officials have estimated that these new provisions requiring solar power to be added will add around $8,500 to the cost of building a single-family home. In addition, a further $1,500 is estimated to cover the cost of adding other energy-efficient features.

California has a long-standing commitment to making the state reliable on cleaner, alternative energy. While a number of builders and home buyers may balk at the added costs, these should certainly be written off over the lifespan of solar panels. The net savings should be at least $500 per year according to one solar industry representative.

It has been suggested that these improvements may not necessarily make homes more expensive to buy but they will certainly make them more energy-efficient, saving on utility costs.

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