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SummerHill Homes No Longer Affiliated With Magee Ranch Development

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According to Jeremy Walsh at, Development company SummerHill Homes is no longer participating in the proposed 69-home project on Magee Ranch land in Danville, and Magee Investment Company — one of the site’s owners — has taken over as the project applicant in the town of Danville’s consideration process.

Company president Jerome Magee Jr. asked the town in a letter Friday to substitute his company in as the new applicant because SummerHill Homes isn’t associated with the project anymore.

No reason was given for the change. SummerHill Homes representatives did not respond to requests for comment Monday.

Town Manager Joe Calabrigo confirmed that Magee Investment Company is now considered the applicant. The project proposal remains unchanged otherwise, with officials poised to complete a study of the potential bicycle-safety impacts of the development as ordered by the court.

“Nothing else changes and the project status remains the same — 69 homes proposed; currently in the process of addressing the one environmental deficiency that was identified by the lower court,” Calabrigo added in an email Monday afternoon.

The 69-house development, proposed for part of a 410-acre site near the southeast corner of Diablo and McCauley roads, had been approved by the Town Council three years ago, but the project stalled amid litigation initiated by environmental advocacy group Save Open Space-Danville (SOS-Danville).

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