Selling Your Home For The Best Price

Marketing SystemAnd Getting It Sold Quickly!

How to sell your home for the best price? This is the question that concerns home sellers the most.

In my view, the secret of getting the very best price for your home with the minimum of hassle is having a systematized approach to preparation and marketing.

When you are considering selling, your first step should be to determine the potential net return given each of the following scenarios –

  1. Selling “As Is” – That is to say, with a minimum of preparation.
  2. Carrying out any repairs and/or deferred maintenance before marketing your home for sale.
  3. In addition to the above, making any cost-effective improvements that will both net you a higher return and appeal to the maximum number of potential buyers.

All this applies equally whether you are planning to list your home with a real estate agent or to try to sell it by yourself.

If you are going to try the “do-it-yourself” route, I strongly recommend getting a copy of 450 Ideas To Help Your Home Sell Faster. This really is worth reading. Get your copy here.

If, like most people, you intend to use the services of a real estate professional, please consider my credentials, then check out what my clients say about me and give me a call. I’ll show you exactly what I can do for you to get you the result you want.

When I list your home for sale –

  • I will arrange for a home inspection and a termite inspection with two of the areas top inspection companies
  • I will schedule a professional staging consultation for you
  • Your home will have professional quality large-size high-definition HDR photographs to show your home in its best light
  • I will shoot a video walk through of your home with a voiceover to emphasize the best features. Video is the next best thing to being there.
  • Your home will be marketed extensively using the Internet and traditional methods. It will be featured on all of the top real estate websites
  • I will market your home directly to all of the top agents in your area who regularly represent buyers there.
  • And that’s just for starters…

All of this is at no additional cost to you.

Over the past couple of years, most of the homes I have listed for sale have sold for well over list price and had a sale agreed in an average time of 16 days.

Call me any time on (925) 997-1585 or send an email to There is never any obligation to use my services and I promise I won’t try to persuade you to list your home for sale. That’s not my style. What I will do is give you great service!

And I do guarantee results. Read more here.