The Caulking Gun

A caulking gun may be a homeowner’s best friend, especially when they are selling their home. How many times have you walked through a property and wished that someone had pointed out just how important those little settling cracks and separations are, and how easily they would have been resolved with a simple caulking gun.

Once a buyer is walking through a property, chances are they have looked very closely at the photos of the home online and they have already decided it could be a good match. The last thing you want them to do when they come and visit is allow them any distractions, especially the kind that are quickly, easily and inexpensively cured.

Most potential buyers are nervous and don’t realize how easy it is to fix these little items, so of course they assume the very worst. Not erasing these cracks is akin to the home being viewed unfairly as requiring expensive repairs, rather than being in move-in condition..

A caulking gun can only do so much. Yet too often I have seen separating moldings, missing grout or separation between tiles and a shower pan that appear unsightly and distract. With a little bit of care these distractions can be removed and allow buyers to focus on the big picture.

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