What Is The Best Day To List Your Danville Home For Sale?

CalendDoes it really matter if you list your home for sale on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday? Some agents say it does and some say it doesn’t.

If you interview a number of agents prior to listing your home for sale, you will typically encounter three different approaches:

  • The agent who will put your home on the market immediately and see where it goes. (This is probably also the agent who will also just put a For Sale sign in the yard and hope for the best.)
  • An agent who always does things the same way through system implementation.
  • An agent who constantly strives to improve their systems and ways of doing business to fit client expectations.

Any half way decent agent should have systems in place but it should go without saying that the third one will most likely get you the best result as they are constantly analyzing what works and adjusting their approach accordingly. Markets change and so marketing methods need to change to reflect the current market.

Right now, we are still in a strong sellers’ market. That is to say that there is a much greater demand for homes in most Danville neighborhoods than there are homes available. So buyers are out in force every weekend and they especially want to see anything in their price range that is newly listed for sale so they can be first to get in their offer and have a chance of getting a quick acceptance.

Now this may not be a realistic expectation, since sellers typically won’t want to consider any offers until the home has been on the market for a week or more but that is what the buyer is hoping for.

Certainly you want to get the maximum number of potential buyers coming through your home though, so you have to consider these buyer expectations.

Most showings take place at the weekend

Weekends are the busiest time for showings and buyers like to plan the homes they are going to see a few days ahead of time, so I would suggest that Wednesday or Thursday are the best days to get your Danville home for sale listed on the MLS. This also ties in nicely with the fact that Thursday is the day for Danville Brokers Tour – when local agents come out to preview all the new listings. So any agent with an active buyer in your price range should be in a good position to arrange for them to see it the coming weekend.

Now brokers tours in other areas may not be on a Thursday so the above scenario can differ depending on where you live. Thursday is Brokers Tour day for Alamo, Blackhawk, Danville and San Ramon. If you live anywhere else and you would like to know what day the Brokers Tour is scheduled, give me a call or drop me an email and I’ll be happy to let you know.



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