Why You Should Give Your Home A Make-Over

(even if you have no plans to sell it)


If you want to get the best sale price when you sell your home, you need to prepare it for sale. But what does that mean exactly and how much preparation is necessary?

Preparation fits into 3 categories, repairs, cost-effective improvements, and staging.

The first step is to fix anything that you know needs fixing. Then have home and termite inspections and fix anything significant that arises from these. This avoids any problems that arise as a result of buyer’s inspections.

Then make any improvements you can that should make your home more attractive to buyers and add more value than they cost. Consider flooring, lighting, paint, kitchens and bathrooms in particular. Granite counters, for example, and inset lighting will often give a very good return on investment.

That brings us on to staging. You should ideally have a staging consultation at the same time as the inspections, as your stager will recommend cost-effective improvements as well as what paint colors to choose, when needed, to give maximum buyer appeal. Your stager will look at every room in your home (and the outside), and will recommend those changes that will make your home appeal most to a wide range of potential buyers. This will certainly include de-personalizing, de-cluttering and some re-positioning of furniture. Perhaps some changes in lighting and even renting furniture when needed. The objective is generally to make your home appear as bright and spacious as possible and to help buyers envisage it as their own.

All of this will make you look at your home in a new light and I have listed many homes where the sellers have told me that they wished they had done all that years ago. This is why I suggest going through this same process, even if you have no plans to sell. And then enjoy living in your “new” home without even moving.

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